Live Blogging from the Latah County Republican Executive Committee Meeting of 28 July 2016

I’m live blogging from the 28 July 2016 Latah County Republican Executive Committee Meeting. You can follow the outline here.

  • The motions last meeting were not IAW the Robert’s Rules.
  • Time limit on the discussion?
  • John Daniel: moved to read a statement that will make another discussion & revote unnecessary (Item #5) from the agenda. 2-page content to read. Seconded.
  • Carl: proper for the body to decide wether the content of the statement will settle the matter.
  • Motion: John will read his statement. Seconded.
  • John read his statement. I recorded it, and will upload it later tonight. Let me just tell you, it’s hysterical.
  • John is resigning and leaving the Latah County GOP. He cannot support Carl Berglund. Endorsing Paulette Jordan.
  • John was admonished for calling men bigots, racists, women haters. .
  • Motion to accept the resignation. Seconded. Passed. The Latah County GOP wished him the best.

The presumptive GOP/Dem national candidates are inverted. The negatives for Trump are 55%, but Hillary’s negatives are 70-80%. But Hillary’s negatives are significantly higher, and this is Trump’s election to lose. The next President might appoint up to 4 SCOTUS judges. We cannot let Hillary become President. It will be devastating for the country.

Dan: Crapo seems like an honest, integrous man.

Discussed the GOP Summer Picnic. It will be on Sat., 13 Aug 2016 at Lena Whitmore Shelter. It will be a potluck BBQ w/ hotdogs & hamburgers provided). Cost: $10/person, $25/family. A-L bring dessert; M-Z bring a salad. Music will cost a couple hundred dollars, so we’re putting together a playlist, that way the money is going to the candidates. Speakers will be announced once they have been firmly confirmed.

Candidate updates:

  • Dave McGraw, Latah County Commissioner. Running unopposed. Serves 37,000 people in Latah County. There are 2 Republicans & 1 Democrat. They’ve cut back and made things more efficient.
  • Dan Foreman spoke. He has a website up and running. He updated everyone on his candidacy. There’s a new newspaper coming out in Benewah County. He discussed his policies and issues. Hammer the opponents like gentlemen, but we’re going to win.
  • Carl Berglund: redesigning Facebook & website. Platform remains the same. People like the idea of conservative agenda. Because we’re out there talking to outlying areas, and they’ve never been visited before.

The candidates have cordoned off turf in the back area of the current building. This is their base of operation. Internet & WiFi up in 1Aug. Get 10 internet phones. Start calling in August. Banks of phone numbers that we’ll call, with a script to follow. Peggy asked questions about the survey questions. Idaho State has put together sample questions. The idea with asking national questions first is that most people are more aware of the presidential candidates than local candidates.

Discussed “The Walking App”.

Good success with movie night 2 years ago at the old Subaru dealership. Shall we start doing that again? We’ve had propaganda films as well as general entertainment, and D’Souza’s “Hillary’s America.”

Rob Seward: “Swing Kids”.

New Business:

  • Vacancy to fill on executive committee. Alex nominated Max Ryan for Vice Chair. Max would accept the position. Seconded. Passed.

Nathan: question about signs for candidates. They should be available to us shortly.

Meeting closed.