Linda Pall Shuts Down Dr. Stevenson on Traffic Flow & Congestion

After 8+ minutes of people discussing their concerns with traffic flow in the area of the new Logos School property site, Logos Superintendent Dr. Larry Stevenson presents findings that mitigate those concerns. 

Linda Pall shuts him down in the middle of his presentation, saying that those facts are irrelevant. 

Again, this is after she just heard 10 minutes of testimony concerning traffic flow. 

If you don’t want to watch the entire testimony of concerns presented, watch Dr. Stevenson get shut down because his discussion about traffic is irrelevant. That starts at the 8:30 point on the video. 

#NotInMyTown #AnywhereButHere

CUP Traffic Concerns

After taking 10 minutes of testimony concerning traffic issues, Linda Pall shuts down Dr. Larry Stevenson saying that his mitigating findings are irrelevant.