Lewiston man shooting fireworks allegedly sparks another fire at Granite Point

This is ironic. Via KQQQ

A 27 year old Lewiston man allegedly sparked a wildfire where the massive Snake River blaze torched thousands of acres in Whitman County a few weeks ago.  Whitman County Fire District 14 volunteers out of Colton-Uniontown extinguished the small blaze late Saturday night at Granite Point.  Witnesses told Whitman County Sheriff’s Deputies that a man shooting fireworks started the fire and then fled in a vehicle.  The suspect was located and stopped by Asotin County Sheriff’s Deputies a short time later.  The small fire torched less than an acre on the riverbank.  The suspect now faces possible misdemeanor illegal discharge of fireworks.  The fire burned near the spot where the Snake River fire jumped the water from Garfield County into Whitman County eventually burning over 11 thousand acres.  That blaze was state mobilized and brought fire crews in from around Washington to extinguish.  The huge fire was allegedly caused by a spark from an illegal abandoned campfire.  The sheriff’s office wants to remind the public that the US Army Corps of Engineers prohibits fireworks along the Lower Snake River.  The suspect allegedly admitted to deputies that he was igniting fireworks because he missed out on the 4th of July because he was in prison.