Late night romp at Pullman Police Station lands Colfax pair in jail

College towns. 

A couple of Colfax residents made a poor choice for a rendezvous spot for a late night romp in downtown Pullman.  A Pullman Police Department records specialist was working at the station early Saturday morning around 2:30 and noticed a vehicle parked right next to the front door.  The doors of the vehicle were open and the lights were flashing on and off along with the blinkers but no one was getting out of the car.  The employee called officers to check out the suspicious situation.  Pullman Police responded and interrupted the amorous couple just a few feet from the front door of the police station.  A 24 year old female was arrested for suspicion of DUI and making a false statement while a 24 year old male apparently caught with his pants down was taken into custody for indecent exposure.