India to more than double coal mining by 2020

So how is our cutting back on coal going to offset India’s increases? And who is it hurting / helping? 

Good news. India plans to add more fertilizer to the global air which will help feed the world. There is no charge.

India will become the world’s number 2 miner of coal by 2020, overtaking the US.  There are plans to ramp up from mining 634 million tons to 1.5 billion metric tons by 2020. That’s only 3 years away. China’s total coal use doesn’t even fit on this graph. As best as anyone can guess, China uses 3.7 billion ton each year.

How’s that ground breaking, world leading Paris agreement going?

Coal Mining India, China, Australia, 2016, Graph


Australia is the worlds largest coal exporter but our total exports of coal in 2014/15 were a tiny 393Mt (of both thermal and metallurgical coal). I’ve marked that in blue on the graph. We are only a large exporter because everyone else keeps the coal for their own use.

 More mining of India’s coal,
Fills another significant role,
That of plant-food increase,
By CO2 release,
Which should really be all mankind’s goal.

–  Ruairi

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