Idaho Statesman: No record that Clinton, aides took required ethics training

If this had happened to anyone else in the government… Via the Idaho Statesman

There is no evidence that Hillary Clinton or her top aides completed ethics training when they started at the State Department as required by federal law.

State Department records show only three of nine top Clinton aides took the mandated training for new employees. Records also suggest that none of seven top aides required to take subsequent annual training completed it. 

No records indicate whether Clinton herself took any training. 

Many of the aides still work for Clinton on her presidential campaign or are advising her in her bid for the White House against Republican Donald Trump in November.

The documents were obtained by the Republican National Committee, which filed a lawsuit to get them after a Freedom of Information Act request did not produce them.

The Secretary of State is responsible for establishing, maintaining, and carrying out the Department’s ethics and financial disclosure programs. Foreign Affairs Manual

Clinton’s campaign did not respond to questions about whether she and her aides completed training. 

Despite releasing the documents, State Department officials said the Privacy Actprevents them from confirming whether employees completed training. They say the lack of records does not necessarily mean employees did not take the training, just that the department failed to keep track. 

“We would caution against drawing any conclusions simply from the absence of documentation provided in response to a FOIA request,” said Elizabeth Trudeau, State Department director of press relations.