Idaho delegate says candidate succeeded in showing her human side

Many political pundits said Hillary Clinton’s biggest task with her culminating speech at the Democratic National Convention Thursday was to take the edge off her flinty exterior and show the nation a different side of her personality.

Lewiston City Councilor Jesse Maldonado, who has attended the convention in Philadelphia this week as a Clinton delegate from Idaho, said she succeeded mightily.

“I definitely think that is one of her bigger priorities,” Maldonado said. “There are lots of people who don’t necessarily like her, and don’t believe that she’s as human as she could be. But that’s her goal, and she’s going to continue to move forward with humanizing herself and making people more accepting of her, and hopefully willing to vote for her in November.”

He thinks Clinton’s image with her detractors has been partially earned by the candidate, but has been pushed forward and magnified by those who have tried to work against her efforts over the years.

“Nobody can argue that she hasn’t made mistakes,” Maldonado said. “She’ll admit that she’s made mistakes. She’s human, just like anybody else. But I also think there’s a perpetuation of some things by her opponents.”

Via the LMT