Grateful for Logos School

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Your article on Christ Church and its activity in Moscow (“Christ Church of Moscow ruffles feathers,” Nov. 17) is pretty fair, actually.

The members of Christ Church start robust businesses, educate kids with high standards, and hold to what they believe. We are one of a handful of Catholic families who attend Logos School. We are welcomed and involved. They would never let a Catholic teach theology, but that is their prerogative. In the end, Logos turns out solid young adults who can quote Dante, sing at perfect pitch in Latin, and synthesize a rhetorically precise argument.

Our two daughters graduated from Logos and are excelling at Hillsdale College (Michigan) and the University of Arkansas with scholarship money in their pocket. They have as many varsity letters as Brady has Super Bowl rings. They played in state tournaments, competed at the national level of mock trial, look you in the eye, address you with respect, and use proper English. Other recent graduates are succeeding at MIT, Princeton, and Alabama, not to mention the many that become great Vandals.

As an outsider to any plans of “takeover,” I can simply say I’m grateful Logos is there and that such standards of excellence still exist in the world.

Eric Meyer

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