Gov. Chris Christie (R-N.J.) has vetoed a bill to raise the Garden State’s minimum wage to $15.

Republican Gov. Chris Christie on Tuesday shot down an attempt to raise New Jersey’s minimum wage to $10.10 an hour in the next year and to at least $15 over the next five.

Christie announced his veto at an event at a market in Pennington, saying it would burden small businesses and describing the proposal as the “heavy hand of government.”

Standing in the organic fruit and vegetable section of the market, Christie said raising wages is the job of business owners.

“All of this sounds great, raising the minimum wage, when you’re spending someone else’s money,” he said.

Democrats, who control the statehouse, and liberal groups have put the legislation at the center of their agenda. The Legislature sent Christie the measure in June.


Democratic leaders say they will pursue a constitutional amendment to raise the minimum wage without the need for Christie’s approval.

“The governor’s actions have only served to temporarily thwart a unified effort to raise New Jersey families and provide a much needed boost to our economy.” said Analilia Mejia, director of the left-leaning group NJ Working Families.

Via the Washington Post