Girl Students Brought to Tears When Trans Student Continues Lewd Behavior Ignored by High School

From the DailyWire:

According to the bombshell lawsuit, a transgender “girl” student, who participated on girls’ sports teams, “twerked,” “grinded” and engaged in other sexually suggestive acts in the girls’ locker-room, leaving some of the girls in tears. After numerous ignored complaints, the lawsuit’s plaintiffs say they were allowed access to other locations, including a boys’ locker-room, which the transgender “girl” also made his way into and extended his sexually suggestive behavior. The girls claim they were left with no place to go to secure their privacy in the most intimate of settings.

Via RedState

Featured within the lawsuit are the allegations that “Student X” – the transgendered student – took the following actions.

  • Student X commented on girls’ bodies while in the girls’ locker room, including asking Girl Plaintiff F about her bra size and asking her to “trade body parts” with him;
  • Student X danced to loud music with sexually explicit lyrics while twerking, grinding and lifting up his skirt to reveal his underwear;
  • Student X would dance in a sexually explicit manner “dancing like he was on a stripper pole” to songs with suggestive lyrics including “Milkshake” by Kelis.

According to the lawsuit, the girls were told they could use a secondary locker room to change, but it wasn’t long before the transgendered student showed up in that locker room as well, continuing his lewd behavior.

“One on such occasion, Student X walked into the boys’ basketball locker room while Girl Plaintiff A was in her underwear and removed his pants while he was near her and other girls who were also changing,” the lawsuit states. “This incident deeply upset Girl Plaintiff A. It signaled to her that there was no place in the school where she could preserve her privacy under the new policy.”

The lawsuit arose due to the fact that the school itself continued to ignore the complaints by students and their family members as these events transpired. At least 11 families are involved in this lawsuit.

If people think this won’t happen again, they are sadly mistaken. As I pointed out earlier in the article, there were multiple examples of people using transgenderism to sneak into women’s restrooms to do explicit things even before the any issue arose.