Double Trouble: 31 People in Michigan Found to Have Voted Twice


Vote early; vote often. Via MRC TV

Someone people think that two of something is better than one…Unless you’re talking about election voting and you get caught for trying to rig an election.

The latter is the case for 31 people in Michigan who were caught voting twice in last November’s presidential election.

According to Fox News:

Fourteen of the 31 were in Detroit. Officials believe Detroit poll workers didn’t catch the double votes because they weren’t given an updated list of voters who had used an absentee ballot. It’s not known which candidate got the votes.

The double-voters could face possible felony charges for election fraud, and their cases have been sent to the attorney general’s office to determine whether charges will be filed against them.

According the Michigan’s elections director, Chris Thomas, the voters cast two votes by sending in an absentee ballot and then also voted on Election Day.

Thomas, who said that these actions are “not acceptable,” also said, “There are processes in place to stop this. In these 31 cases, they didn’t work.”

This happened in Michigan. Go figure! The state with the slowest and most corrupt, despite Thomas claiming that there was no “pervasive fraud” in Michigan, vote counting process in the country.