CBS Bemoans and Scolds People for Using ‘Snowflake’ as an Insult

Instead of covering the news of the day, CBS News Sunday Morningchose to lecture their viewers about why it was a bad thing to call someone a “snowflake.” “It’s the political putdown of the moment: snowflake. And to its fans, Faith Salie has one word of advice: chill,” hyped host Jane Pauley as she led into the segment. A measured tone for a segment that freely smeared conservatives.

“Even though it’s the middle of summer, there’s an awful lot of talk about snowflakes. This is the “It” insult that’s caused a blizzard on the political landscape,” quipped Faith Salie. According to her, “The dig in its current use stems from the 90s book and movie Fight Club, in which the narrator informs his listeners: ‘You are not special. You are not a beautiful or unique snowflake.’”

When describing the early use of “snowflake,” Salie asserted that it was the fault of ‘anti-intellectual’ conservatives that it became a so-called “word weapon:”