5 times when the Clintons escaped federal charges


Reports the DoJ rejected the FBI’s request to investigate the Clinton Foundation have created a stir this week. While it is not the first time investigators have gotten close to the Clintons, the couple seem immune to cases and charges.

Here are the five: 

  1. Whitewater case, 1992
  2. Travelgate, 1993 
  3. Benghazi deadly attack, 2012
  4. Clinton’s homebrewed server 
  5. The Clinton Foundation donations


A new batch of Hillary Clinton’s emails has shed more light on the State Department’s close ties with Bill Clinton’s foundation in the times when it was supervised by the former First Lady. Nearly 300 pages of back-and-forth emails exposed senior officials at the foundation seeking favor and special connection on behalf of wealthy donors.


It has just recently appeared that the FBI has long been interested in the Foundation and even requested the Department of Justice (DoJ) to probe the former president’s non-profit earlier this year, but was denied.


According to CNN, the DoJ said it did not have enough evidence to bring up a corruption probe.



Should the report turn out to be true, it would add to the list of situations when the Clintons fell under federal scrutiny that stopped just short of official probes.

Via RT