Youth Worker By Day, Antifa Rioter by Night

Portland Alice Elizabeth Johnson Twitter 1024 600What “life skills” are being taught to foster youth and by whom. And you wonder why the youth are struggling? 

On Sunday, 27-year-old Alice Elizabeth Johnson was arrested for her part in a violent Antifa riot in Portland, Oregon. Her booking charge states she was arrested for interfering with a peace officer, which an Oregon statute describes as

“(a) Intentionally acts in a manner that prevents, or attempts to prevent, a peace officer or parole and probation officer from performing the lawful duties of the officer with regards to another person; or

(b) Refuses to obey a lawful order by the peace officer or parole and probation officer.”

According to journalist Andy Ngo, Johnson is also a life skills coach who works with foster youth.

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Alice Elizabeth Johnson (she/they), 27, was arrested & charged at the violent #antifa riot overnight in Portland. Johnson works with foster youth as a “life skills coach.” They were quickly released without bail. #PortlandMugshots

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