Worst cold wave in SE Brazil in 42 years

Yes, more counter-examples. 

“The winter continues to keep Southeastern Brazil under his iron hand,” says Brazilian reader Felipe Do Nascimento Correa.

5 July 2017 – Belo Horizonte in southeast Brazil recorded the lowest temperature since 1975 this morning, according to the National Institute of Meteorology (INMET). The thermometer dropped to 6.1 ° C in the Meteorological Station of Mata do Cercadinho, in the Center-South Region of the mining capital, between 6am and 7am.

According to the Meteorology Department of Cemig it was also the lowest temperature among Brazilian capitals.
The institute informs that the record of cold in Belo Horizonte was in the winter of 1975, when the thermometers marked 5.4 ° C on July 7 of that year.

But that temperature did not include the wind speed and humidity. According to meteorologist Luiz Ladeia, if you those items, the wind-chill factor was below zero, staying at -9°C (15.8F) at Cercadinho Station.