Snow in Kenya Yesterday?

I appreciate Dr. Roy W. Spencer. He’s honest and tells the truth even when his “side” is wrong. 

There is much internet buzzing about “snow” in Kenya yesterday, and its connection to climate change.

Here’s what the event looked like on a road near Nyahururu, Kenya, which is on a plateau around 7,800 ft. elevation, and is positioned right on the equator:

Small hail covering the ground near Nyahururu, Kenya, on July 4, 2017.

If you click to get the full-size photo, you will notice that the ditch is running with water, and there is fog just above the ice. This means there was heavy rain with the event, and that the air is relatively warm and humid, and the ice on the ground is cooling the air to below the dewpoint, causing the fog.

This was a hailstorm, not “snow”.

Here’s what the area looked like from the MODIS instrument on a NASA satellite: