Why Hurricane Dorian defied forecasts and sank the Bahamas

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Global warming enthusiasts were really pushing to recategorize this as a Cat 6 or even Cat 7 hurricane, and to discuss the need to create carbon taxes to prevent this from happening again in the future. 

And Dorian fizzled out. Was a strong Cat 5, went down to a Cat 2 skirting the coastline (never coming ashore). 

Some other observations: 

Scientists say they are unable to link global climate change to the path or strength of a single hurricane, but they agree that warming sea surface temperatures contribute to a storm’s rapid intensification. Yet some of that effect may be tempered by the dry air spreading west across the equator from the Sahara Desert, an atmospheric condition which has also been linked to climate change.

Yet they cannot explain the weakening with the warm water still present. 


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