Washington, Idaho colleges bracing for ‘enrollment cliff’ in 2025

College enroll decline 29p3 Ai3tKdA jpgYou heard it here first in my Op-Ed “The number of college students will start tumbling in 2028.

[The] recession didn’t just cost people their homes and jobs. It also prompted many to delay – or forgo – having children, setting off a downturn in birth rates across the country.

In just five years, children born during the recession will begin graduating from high school. For higher-education institutions, it will be an immense challenge to recruit and keep up enrollment from that smaller pool of prospective students.

“The Enrollment Cliff of 2025. It has one of those ominous titles,” said Greg Stevens, chief strategy officer for the Community Colleges of Spokane.

Of course, the total number of recent high school graduates is only one factor in college enrollment. Schools also must consider the economy, demand for various academic programs, immigration and interstate migration trends, and support systems that keep students from dropping out.

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