“Venezuela’s Tragic Mass Exodus Has Only One Cause: Socialism“

From the Investor’s Business Daily‘s editorial “Venezuela’s Tragic Mass Exodus Has Only One Cause: Socialism“:

The U.S. today lives under its own socialist threat. Socialist candidates, ranging from Sen. Bernie Sanders, New York Democratic congressional candidate Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Florida Democratic candidate Andrew Gillum, and Massachusetts candidate Ayanna Pressley, have come to the fore in recent U.S. primary elections. Americans will be making an enormous mistake to hand them power of any sort.

Among the poorly educated young, socialism is no longer a dirty word. To older voters who never actually lived under socialism or only vaguely remember how awful it was before the collapse of the former Soviet Union, socialism seems squishy, harmless — like Social Security on steroids.

It’s not. Socialism isn’t utopia. And it’s not harmless. It’s a plan to replace your freedom, morals and personal responsibility with control by an all-powerful state. To destroy the free-market system that has made this the wealthiest country on Earth. With time, it will ruin America and lead to the same sorts of tragedies seen today in Venezuela.

 HT: Mark J. Perry