Upset With Poll Consolidation


An open letter to Latah County Auditor Henrianne Westberg,

I live in Latah County Precinct 22 and have done so for years. I received your letter dated in September stating that we would have our voting location “consolidated or moved.” In other words, our Harvard Hall polling location was closed. This brilliant move was to help alleviate crowding and thus the possibility of contracting COVID-19. (We will not vote by mail so you can keep your mail-in ballots.)

We went to vote Tuesday morning at Princeton. Contrary to CDC guidelines, we were forced to stand in a hall that was filled with people that we’d never had contact with before. Not our local, rather closed community, but dumped in with this group of “possible COVID” strangers. No social distancing, etc. The only reason that I can think of for implementing this dangerous and ridiculous situation is incompetence and stupidity. I was thrown into a situation that I would never have put myself in. Henrianne, you put my life and the life of my husband (70-plus) in jeopardy.

The incompetence and disregard for public safety (my safety) is beyond the pale. I also believe that there is an issue of voter suppression. I call for your immediate resignation and a public acknowledgement of wrong/stupid decisions is in order.

Resign, Ms. Westberg. The election deputies should also resign since they let you get away with this egregious travesty of stupid.

Patsy Warwick