UI budget-cutting strategy gains some traction

5df127a350542 imageI have seen a lot of new hire applications come across the UI’s jobs postings site recently.

It helps little by replacing expensive positions with less expensive positions. You won’t save $22m by doing that.  

Foisy: 61 employees have applied for voluntary separation; 93 more opting for early retirement

In its last meeting of the fall semester, the University of Idaho Faculty Senate discussed progress on measures to address a budgetary shortfall expected to balloon to $22 million by 2022.

In an early move to curb expenses, the UI announced last month that it would offer separation incentives to employees who may be considering leaving the university or retiring early.

UI Vice President for Finance and Administration Brian Foisy told the senate as of Tuesday afternoon, 61 people have applied for voluntary separation and 93 have applied for optional early retirement. Similar incentives were offered more than 10 years ago and 157 people took advantage of the programs, which he said means it is likely a much larger number applied. He said the deadline to apply for both programs is Friday.

“I suspect the participation will fall short of the 157, but the rumor that’s circulating widely is that many people have expressed interest, or raised their hands, just to keep (their) options open,” Foisy said.


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