Biden Snaps At Iowa Voter Over Ukraine Question

This is rich. 

Team Trump on Twitter

MUST WATCH: @JoeBiden goes BERSERK on a retired farmer who asked questions about Hunter Biden’s shady dealings with a Ukrainian gas company. He also calls the farmer “fat” and challenges him to a push-up contest! The wheels have officially fallen off the #NoMalarkey Bus!

AP19337678308731 655x4372020 hopeful Joe Biden snapped at a voter who confronted him about his family’s dealings in Ukraine while on the campaign trail. The former vice president was speaking to a group of people in Iowa on Thursday when a man stood up to ask him a few questions.

The retired farmer pressed Biden on his mental and physical ability to be president, suggesting Biden was too old for the position. He then accused Biden of sending his son Hunter to Ukraine to gain access to the nation’s ex-president, drawing a comparison to the allegations against President Trump.

The pressure didn’t sit well with Biden, which prompted him to give a heated response to the voter.

“You’re a damn liar, man,” said the former vice president. “That’s not true and no one has ever said that.”

Biden went on to defend why he’s running for president and challenged the voter to a push-up contest.

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