Transgender freshman sprinter, born a male, wins two girls state championships

Much to say about this. See my dissection at the bottom of this post.

Transgender sprinter, born male, wins two girls state titles

Transgender sprinter Andraya Yearwood, a 15-year-old freshman who was born a male, won the girls’ 100-meter and 200-meter dashes at the Connecticut high school Class M state championships on May 30.



Kate Hall — who last year won the girls 100-meter dash Class M state title as a sophomore — came in second to Yearwood at this year’s 100-meter race and was tearful in the aftermath, the Hartford Courant reported.

“It’s frustrating,” Hall of Stonington High School told the Courant. “But that’s just the way it is now.”

After finishing third in the 200 — and watching Yearwood cross the finish line first in that race as well — Hall told the Courant, “I can’t really say what I want to say, but there’s not much I can do about it. You can’t blame anyone. Her times were slowing during the season. If I ran my best race, I could have won. I didn’t. I hadn’t felt good the last three days, but there are no excuses. From what I know she is really nice and that’s all that matters. She’s not rude and obnoxious.”

“Kate was emotional,” Stonington coach Ben Bowne told the Courant. “She works really hard. She’s a very competitive athlete. She hates losing to anybody. I’ve just told her all year run your best. If this girl has better times than you, she’s going to help you as a runner. That’s what we focused on.”

Here’s a clip of Yearwood’s victory in the 100-meter final:

Regarding the girls races involving Yearwood, Courant columnist Jeff Jacobs asked, “Was it fair?”

His answer: “On a biologically competitive basis, it was not.” But Jacobs also asked if Yearwood, 15, should be allowed to participate with the girls? His answer was yes.

“Participation is paramount in high school sports,” Jacobs wrote. “Participation with dignity is the aspiration. But the question of what constitutes fairness in the world of sports remains to be settled.”

He added: “I do not pretend to have the answer. Humanity counts. So does biology. For me, somebody who has observed sports and written about all kinds of athletes for four decades, the integrity of the state competition for these two races Tuesday was compromised.”

So let’s dissect this.

  1. Because Amadi self-identifies as a girl (Andraya), he gets to compete against the girls.
  2. He has not undergone any surgery nor had any hormone treatments. They boy has a mustache, for heaven’s sake!
  3. He won the CT State track championship over the actual girls.
  4. His time (12.66s in 100m) would not have even placed against the boys’ times (10.53s); and he wouldn’t have even qualified against the boys.
  5. Notice: a boy who competes as a transgender is never able to compete and win as a boy.
    1. He is slow by boy standards
    2. He is fast by women’s standards
    3. Where is the guy who could win state against any other guy, choosing to compete with the girls? Why is it always the guy losers who compete as girls?
  6. Notice how this is a nightmare for the progressives?
    1. They have attempted to blur the lines between boys and girls
    2. They have actually highlighted the biological differences.
    3. How can an unimpressive male athlete become the best girl athlete in Connecticut?
  7. Look at how Kate Hall (last year’s 1st place winner) has to respond. She would have been 1st place in the state again this year. She is not allowed to say what’s on her mind because of political correctness. These girls are disenfranchised and are not allowed to speak up because of fear of being called homophobic, transphobic, and bigots. The girls are the victims and are forced to remain silent.
  8. Where are the girl’s fathers and mothers? Why are they not speaking out against this insanity?
  9. The emperor has no clothes, and no one is willing to say it.
  10. This will be the end of women’s sports. All 2nd rate male athletes will prevail.