2 thoughts on “These are the 10 best countries for business

  1. Surprisingly the Czech Republic isn’t on that list either. I’ve been czhecking in on them over the past decade since you commented “watch them flourish!!” after they enacted a flat tax. I’m underwhelmed.

    • Scott,

      That’s an excellent point and one that I’ve wondered about as well.

      Here’s what I think is going on (not that you’ll necessarily agree with me).

      Back in 1993 (!), the Czech Republic introduced a 15% flat tax on personal income.

      Then in 2004, they joined the EU, which imposed all of the EU required taxes upon them to join. So they added the Value Added Tax (VAT) of 21%, social and health insurance of 45% (11% employee + 34% employer), etc.

      So the Czech Republic is anything but a flat tax haven.

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