The warming started long before our emissions became important

The correlation looks “good” from 1979-1999, but there are contradictions in every other time period. Everything about this graph tells us that CO2 is not a major controller. Other forces are more important and the mainstream climate modelers don’t know what those drivers are — they are not even looking for them. (On the other hand, people free of government funded groupthink are — see Seven possible ways the sun could change our cloud cover, and Is that one new Solar force, or two? The Force-ND Hypothesis.)

CO2 emissions, human, man-made, Little Ice Age, 2016.

Global warming delayed in the Southern Hemisphere:

Interestingly, the study found sustained warming was delayed in the southern hemisphere by about 50 years.

Dr Abram said this could be linked to the circulation patterns in the southern oceans that move warmer waters away from the Antarctic and into the sub-surface ocean.

Maybe it’s because there’s more ocean in the South? Did any of the “global atmosphere and circulation” models model that circulation accurately before your discovery? Since you were so surprised, I guess not. (The abstract confirms that — zero).

Note the usual mindless caveat:

Dr Abram said the study did not alter “anything we know about how climate has changed during the 20th century”.

Nothing ever does. That’s exactly why government strangled climate science is in an endless rut, predicts nothing, and is “surprised” by the inanely obvious.

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