Planes, Cars And Coal Power Plants Make No Difference To Global Warming

Phil Jones told us that global temperatures kept heating at the same rate in the 1880s as they did in the 1920s as they did in the 1980s. (See that graph below).

The warming isn’t any different when human CO2 emissions are small or massive. The rate of warming was the same in the 1920s when nearly half of all horsepower still came from horses. Indeed without any electricity at all, and no cars, humans “caused” warming which was as fast as a decade when a billion people flew in the sky. 

Then, when the Industrial Revolution hit China, the global temperatures “paused”.

Hadley, Global Temperatures, Trend, Phil Jones, Decadal warming.

Citing decadal rates of warming according to Phil Jones in 2010

Here is a new pretty graph (click to enlarge) from Abrams et al showing what skeptics have said all along, that the world is warming out of a little ice age:

CO2 is supposed to warm the whole globe. It isn’t working out like that.

Global Temperatures, Industrial Revolution, warming, Climate Change, Nature. Abrams, 2016.

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