The DNC Attacks Dr. Ben Carson

Looks like the DNC took to photoshopping a picture of Dr. Ben Carson. 

I guess this is how they support African-Americans these days in the Democratic Party. 

In my post called “The Good Doctor” I discussed the hatchet job done by the DNC. In it I commented that they’d used an ugly photo of Dr. Ben.


However, I was unaware that it appears that they had either photoshopped in or carefully selected the ugliness in the photo. It’s disturbingly similar to a much more becoming color photo by the Washington post of one of the debates carried on CNN. The original looks like this, available here:


Backdrop identical, coat identical, tie identical,  ears identical … face different. Words fail me. Either it’s photoshopped, or they picked a particularly ugly instant out of the video of the occasion, you know, there are always such instants in any video, and used it to totally misrepresent his nature.

When did the Democrats sink to this kind of a racist attack on one of the finest men, not black men but men, on this planet?

Via Skating on the Underside of the Ice