Sydney before “climate change” — over 50C, 122F recorded at Windsor Observatory, 1939

NewImageRemember when we were told that Sydney had an all time record high temperature, proving global warming? 

Check this out. 

This was Sydney before “Climate Change” hit — fifty degrees:

Penrith may have recorded 47.3C for at least one-second this week, but Windsor is only 23 km north-east of Penrith, and on January 13th, 1939, it recorded 122F or 50.5C with an old fashioned liquid thermometer,  not a modern noisy electronic one.

Apparently, climate change makes our extreme heat less extreme.

Furthermore, this was not measured on a beer crate in someones back-yard, but on the historicWindsor Observatorywhich was built in 1863 byJohn TebbuttF.R.A.S who had discovered The 1861 comet, and published many scientific reports in Astronomical Journals. His meteorological observations are published atHarvard in 1899(among others). Tebbutt died in 1916, so it’s not clear what instrument the 122 F was recorded on in 1939, but a Stevenson Screen had been installed around 40 years earlier, and the measurementwas made by Mr Keith Tebbutt, presumably his son.

Tebbutt’s portrait graced the back of our100 dollar note from 1984 -1996.

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