Arizona Professor Predicts Climageddon in the Next Eight Years

Arizona Professor Emeritus Dr Guy McPherson thinks the world could end in the next eight years because climate change.


BEGINNING OF THE END: Natural disasters to spike because of climate change, says scientist

A SPIKE in devastating natural disasters is on the way as the planet has exceeded a “tipping point” for climate change, a leading scientist has claimed.

PUBLISHED: 16:55, Mon, Jan 8, 2018

The east coast of the US continues to be ravaged by a freezing cold snap while the other side of the country has been hit by wildfires.

These are a signs of the times according to one professor, who says that the situation will only worsen in the next few years.

Dr McPherson said: “The latest unprecedented hurricanes, earthquakes and wildfires that we have seen in 2017 are examples of profound changes in our climate system. 

“These global disasters threaten energy systems, infrastructure and food supply.

“We have entered an era of exponential climate upheaval with tipping points and feedback loops pushing us over the edge whilst, all the while, governments and climate research bodies refuse to accept the gravity of our situation.

“Within the next eight years, Earth’s temperature will approach or exceed its highest temperature in the last two billion years

“The rate of change will continue to outstrip the ability of humans and other life to adapt.”


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