Students Prevented From Attending UK School Because They Refuse To Wear “Gender Neutral” Uniforms

060919schoolLooks like many girls want to look like boys and not like androgynous humans. 

Female students at a school in the UK were prevented by officials and police from attending class because they refused to comply with a new “gender neutral” uniform policy.

Around 100 students protested outside the gates of Priory School in Lewes in response to a letter sent at the end of the summer advising they would be mandated to wear trousers at all times.

The school claimed that the policy change was put in place to “address inequality,” and be “inclusive,” but students and parents were outraged.

Paul Embery on Twitter

Hats off to the girls at a Sussex secondary school who are refusing to comply with new rules requiring them to wear ‘gender neutral’ uniforms. The gates were closed on them because – shock, horror – they want to continue wearing skirts! All power to them!


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