Hong Kong Protesters Urge Trump To “Liberate” City In March On US Consulate

13442963784520276604This is going to get ugly. The UK should have done this when they had the chance. 

This certainly won’t help perceptions from the mainland after a summer that’s witnessed Beijing authorities repeatedly blame a US “hidden hand” for fueling the Hong Kong crisis: thousands of protesters Sunday were heard calling for President Trump to “liberate” the Chinese-controlled territory. Reuters reports the appeal for US intervention was made during a march in front of the US Consulate

Thousands of protesters earlier sang the Star Spangled Banner and called on U.S. President Donald Trump to “liberate” the city. They waved the Stars and Stripes and placards demanding democracy.

The demonstrators directly handed petitions to US consular officials reportedly while chanting “Fight for freedom, stand with Hong Kong,”and further others which said “Resist Beijing, liberate Hong Kong.”

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3:06pm: Protesters calling for @realDonaldTrump to “liberate Hong Kong”, while waving US flags #antielab #hkprotests https://t.co/yuG1K9fWuf

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Thousands of Hong Kong protesters chant the U.S. national anthem and call on President Donald Trump to ‘liberate’ the Chinese-ruled city. More here: https://t.co/LRX6ojJEaq https://t.co/5qAzATMLd8

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