Steptoe Man Sues Washington Governor Jay Inslee Arguing That Stay Home Orders Are Illegal Now That Emergency Has Passed

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A Steptoe man is suing Washington Governor Jay Inslee arguing that his stay home emergency order is illegal.  Kevin Akesson has filed the suit in Whitman County Superior Court in Colfax.

According to court documents Akesson argues that the emergency caused by the coronavirus has passed.  The filing points out that Washington’s public health system was never overwhelmed and that an emergency no longer exists to justify the restrictions.  Akesson is asking for an injunction blocking Inslee’s stay home orders on Whitman County.  He is represented by Bainbridge Island Attorney Joel Ard.  You can listen to Ard comment about the suit by clicking on the audio file below.

Ard initially filed Akesson’s case in Whitman County Superior Court last week.  On Friday afternoon Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson moved the case to federal court in Spokane.  Ard then dropped the suit in federal court, removed any reference to the U.S. Constitution and refiled the case in Whitman County Superior Court with an argument exclusively pertaining to state law.

Many Whitman County business operations and gatherings remain illegal under Inslee’s emergency order.  Akesson points out that Inslee is depriving his liberty which includes preventing him from worshiping in church and taking part in political meetings.

The suit asks for an injunction terminating Inslee’s emergency stay home orders on Whitman County and requests attorney’s fees.

A hearing on the suit hasn’t been scheduled yet before Whitman County Superior Court Judge Gary Libey.

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