Sojourners’ halfway to financial goal

Sojourners' Alliance

Organization has about $62,000 in commitments, needs $125,000 total; will close for two months starting Thursday

Sojourners’ Alliance is about halfway to its goal of securing $125,000 in financial commitments to remain open for a year starting Nov. 1, said Steve Bonnar, executive director of the organization.

Bonnar said he will continue to ask for financial commitments in September and October. During those months, his facilities will be mostly vacant except for low-income tenants living there.

The organization will enter a “hibernation period” Sept. 1. He said people may not be able to move back into the housing facilities until Dec. 1.

Bonnar said in July he will need to hire two case managers – one full-time and one part-time – and he will need to replace the beds, dressers and other items that he will allow residents to take with them to help in their transition when they move out before the end of August. He said it will take about a month for Sojourners’ to replace beds, dressers, pots, pans and other items.

Sojourners’ has about $62,000 in financial commitments – about the equivalent of supporting 10 beds, Bonnar said. The organization needs about $63,000 more, or 10 more beds, to remain open after the hibernation period.

The federal Department of Housing and Urban Development won’t be supporting any of the remaining Idaho transitional housing programs in the next funding cycle, Bonnar said.

Via DNews