Seattle “Peaceful Protestors” Attack Police Station, Wound 59 Officers

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Rioters and barely peaceful protesters attacked a police station and wounded 59 officers in Seattle on Saturday, the very weekend a new law took effect that severely curtails the non-lethal measures police may use to quell riots.

Worse still, the city police chief warned the City Council and city residents and business owners to expect the mayhem given the effect the anti-cop ordinance passed in June would have.

Cops collared almost four dozen of the unhinged radicals, who bombed a police station and tossed rocks and explosives at cops, one of whom landed in the hospital.

In addition to declaring war on cops, the ordinance also promised to reward rioters who sue the city.

Saturday Madness
Two posts to the Seattle Police Department blotter describe the mayhem in detail.

Around 4 p.m., about a dozen rioters who had gathered near the city’s Cal Anderson Park and Central College set fire to portable trailers and other equipment at a nearby construction site, and also smashed car windows in the areas, cops reported.

Then the revolutionary mob began breaking windows on 12th Avenue and marched to the department’s East Precinct:

There, several people emerged from the group and began spray painting and attempting to disable security cameras and a fence perimeter around the precinct.

At least one person breached the precinct’s fence line. Moments later, a device exploded leaving an 8-inch hole in the side of the precinct.

After the unprovoked attack on the police building, cops declared a riot and ordered the crowd to disperse, the blotter reported.

Instead, the thugs threw bottles and balloons filled with liquid and shot mortar fireworks and tossed explosives at officers, who in turn used pepper spray, blast balls, and 40mm sponge rounds.

The wanton attack on police with bricks, rocks, mortars and other explosives continued for hours.

By 10 p.m., police had arrested 47 of the unhinged criminals.

By the time the battle for Seattle had ended, the rioters injured 59 cops. “Injuries ranged from abrasions and bruising to burns and a torn meniscus,” the SPD blotter reported.

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