Richmond Times-Dispatch Endorses Libertarian Gary Johnson for President

Gary Johnson

This might give Johnson enough traction to make it into the debates. 

The major daily located in Virginia’s capital argues that Johnson, a former two-term governor of New Mexico and a successful businessman, is “the most capable and ethical candidate running this year.”

In a companion piece to its endorsement, the editorial board (which includes Reason contributor A. Barton Hinkle), discusses more of what they consider Johnson’s selling points:

Our instincts had pointed us toward Johnson. His meeting with the editorial board removed all doubts. Our endorsement conveys enthusiasm. His person and his policies embody what either the Democrats or the Republicans ought to offer the electorate. The formal endorsement of Johnson appears on the front of the Commentary section. It cites specific reasons for our choice. The editorial above explains the endorsement in the context of the Creed, our annual recitation of our philosophical roots. In endorsing Johnson, we remain true to ourselves. Indeed, he and running mate William Weld are true to the ideals that have motivated us for many years. Johnson represents a future one of the major parties ought to adopt as its own. He appears immune to the social Darwinism that infects extreme Libertarians and misguided conservatives; he projects empathy. Trump’s temperament is not first-class; there is no evidence of an intellect. Clinton’s ethical lapses are disabling. Johnson enjoys a decisive edge.

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