Rep. Nunes shares ‘important’ report ahead of Steele deposition release

17839744107896623092Fascinating. If true, it shows how deep the “deep state” goes. 

Devin Nunes on Twitter

This is actually important as we wait for the March 14 Steele and Cramer depositions to made public.

Representative Devin Nunes is drawing attention to a report connecting dark money to the group behind the anti-Trump dossier.

In a Sunday tweet, Nunes encouraged people to read the Daily Caller investigation, which claims a California dark money group gave two billion dollars to another organization that contracted with Fusion GPS and Christopher Steele.

The money was reportedly handed over to the ‘Democrat Integrity Project’ in 2017, and was allegedly to conduct opposition research on President Trump.

Nunes said this is important to read ahead of the deposition of Steele in a lawsuit brought against Buzzfeed. According to reports, transcripts may be made public as early as Thursday.