Pullman City Firefighter finishes 4th at Scott Stairclimb in Seattle

StevePotratz LeeCongrats to Pullman City Firefighter Steve Potratz-Lee! This is a great feat. 

Pullman City Firefighter Steve Potratz-Lee was unable to defend his Scott Stairclimb title in Seattle over the weekend.  Potratz-Lee finished 4th out of thousands of firefighters who competed.  The firefighters climb 69 floors to the top of the Columbia Tower in full gear while breathing through their masks.  Potratz-Lee won the climb last year by 3 seconds.

That said, I want to take up the question of egalitarianism in this event. 

Section 7.4 of the Lion’s Den rules says that women are allowed to be twice as slow as men in the competition, at all ages. 

But why? We’re told repeatedly that women are identical to men and can do the same job identically. 

Tell you what, I’d rather have one of those Lion’s Den males rescue my family any day. That factor of two could make a big difference.