POLL: 86% Of Workers Don’t Want To Return To Office Full-Time

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Last year, with a contagious virus spreading around the world —  one that eventually killed more than 3.5 million people — many companies virtually shut down and relied on workers to perform their jobs from home. The whole thing became the largest work-at-home experiment in history.

Now, with the pandemic finally easing, some companies want their workers back in the office. But that may be easier said than done.

According to a survey by tech job market platform Hackajob, 86% of workers want to keep doing their jobs from home, City A.M. reports. “Only 14 percent of the 1,700 tech professionals surveyed want to go back to a company office full-time, while around one in four would like to work remote permanently.”

But the workers are OK with a compromise: 60% are happy to drop into the office once in a while and spend the rest of time working from home.

“Hybrid working is the new deal breaker for tech professionals,” said Mark Chaffey, co-founder and CEO of Hackajob. “Although working from home may not have been the easiest for individuals this past year, tech professionals clearly find the value in not being in the office every day. Employees are feeling more comfortable and happier working from home, having cultivated a work-life balance,” Chaffey told City A.M.