Pelosi Caught on Hot Mic Coaching Fellow Dem: ‘Tell Them You’re a Muslim!’


Monday night, Rep. Andre Carson (D-Ind.) was speaking on the steps of the Supreme Court voicing his displeasure at President Trump’s executive order temporarily restricting refugees from several Middle Eastern countries. 

But as Carson was introducing himself, Pelosi (D-Calif.) could be heard through a hot mic coaching Carson in the background before his remarks. Here’s the exchange:

Carson: Greetings from the great state of Indiana. I’m Congressman Andre Carson…”

Pelosi: Tell them you’re a Muslim. Tell them you’re a Muslim.

Way to tell ‘em, Nancy! She must be a pretty proficient puppeteer, because the next words out of Carson’s mouth made it sounds like the there was an echo in front of the Court.

“Not only do I represent Indiana’s seventh Congressional District very proudly,” Carson said, “but I happen to be a Muslim and a former police officer.”

I’m not quite sure how someone “happens to be” a Muslim. It’s not like it was an accident. Carson didn’t just trip and fall and suddenly become a Muslim.

Regardless, Pelosi is a soundbite machine, and at this rate she’s got to have a pretty impressive reel by now.

For video of Pelosi putting her foot in her mouth, watch below:

Pelosi Caught on Hot Mic Tell Them You’re Muslim

Uploaded by Bryan L on 2017-01-31.