Party Foul: Voters Defecting From Their Traditional Sides

With less than a week until the Republican National Convention, election watchers see an unexpected trend, with voters threatening to jump party lines. The Republican Party is even underfunding its grassroots efforts for the 2016 White House race.

In Aurora, Colorado, a diehard Democrat in his 70s is planning to cast his first-ever ballot for a Republican candidate, and a lifelong Republican in her 50s is planning to vote for Hillary Clinton “because she can’t bring herself to support Donald Trump,”according to the Wall Street Journal.

The Wall Street Journal on Twitter

Voters add to election turmoil by threatening to jump party lines

The Journal found that with the two most unpopular presumptive nominees in recent memory, rank and file voters for both parties are feeling alienated.

Luanne Mitchell, the dedicated Republican who backs Clinton, has never voted for a Democrat. But she is worried about Trump’s character, temperament and expertise, and she is bewildered at her party’s choice.

“He has no idea what it takes to run a country,” she said.