REPORT: Trump Has Narrowed his VP Selection Down to These Three Choices

Sources inside the Trump camp are now leaking to the press that Trump has narrowed his selection down to a choice between Newt Gingrich, Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, and Mike Pence. Of course, it’s entirely possible that the Trump campaign is throwing out intentional misdirection and it ends up being someone completely surprising – and with Trump, that probability is probably higher than most. Especially given the frequency with which Trump acts completely without his staff’s approval or knowledge. But all the public signs point to this being Trump’s line of thinking as he approaches a final decision.

The first two of those are horrible choices, of course. Newt Gingrich would not really help solidify his right flank, and Newt would be a liability in the general, as his national unpopularity remains almost as high as Trump’s. Flynn would be such an intentional slap in the face to the entire GOP that Trump would risk open revolt at the convention – including the delegates’ possible outright rejection of Flynn as VP nominee, leading to a humongous embarrassment for Trump at his moment of greatest triumph. I suspect if it truly is Flynn, Trump will wait as long as possible to make the announcement to forestall any sort of organizing effort to that effect.

Via RedState