Our View – REDO: Energy policy needs to be national not regional

Let me get this right. The Daily News editors posted this during the last months of George Bush’s presidency. Then they post it again at the very beginning of Trump’s presidency.

What happened during the 8 intervening years during Obama’s presidency? Energy policy didn’t need national attention then?

Editor’s note: This originally was published July 5, 2008. Actually, what we need is an international energy policy, but the Trump administration wants none of that. So, again, it’s left to the states to act.

Jon Huntsman correctly asserted this week that nature, indeed, abhors a vacuum.

The Utah governor’s claim that politics won’t stand for it either is an indictment of the leadership coming on the national energy policy front.

But too often the vacuum from the political arena ends up being nothing more than an obnoxious sucking sound that makes a lot of noise but doesn’t accomplish much of anything.