Notifications pending in license data breach in Idaho & Oregon

Another government data breach. 

One thing you can be sure of: gov’t breaches occur more often and are more dangerous. 

Notices that personal information might have been compromised will be sent to hunting and fishing license holders in Idaho and Oregon following the breach of a vendor’s computer system. They likely will be sent in Washington, too.

Officials in Idaho and Oregon said Dallas-based Active Network will mail the notices to people in their states following the computer hack last week that shut down online license sales.

Washington officials said they’re in contact with the company and expect similar letters to be sent in their state, but that hadn’t been finalized Friday. Officials said the number of records exposed could be in the millions.

Online license sales have been halted in all three states until the extent of the hack is fully understood.

“They’ve only been able to confirm that it was possible that personal information was accessed,” Idaho Department of Fish and Game spokesman Mike Keckler said. “We do not know yet whether or not that actually occurred, and we may not ever know.”

Hunting and fishing licenses can still be purchased at the states’ wildlife offices or at businesses that sell the licenses.

It’s unclear when online sales might resume.