My 20 Favorite Videos that almost disappeared from the internet

Legal Insurrection had all their YouTube channel removed by Google. 

Here were their Top 20 videos: 

In reverse order:

20. Joe Biden kisses Chris Coons’ Daughter

Creepy uncle Joe. Never stop being you. On second thought, stop being you.

19. Arab woman stabs Israeli

Remember, SHE is the victim.

18. Martha Robertson for Single Payer

Probably the most impact we’ve ever had in a congressional race was our coverage of the NY-23 race in 2014 between Tom Reed and Martha Robertson.

17. Jerusalem Day 2016 – Western Wall

Oh, to be in Jerusalem on Jerusalem Day.

16. Cornell Pro-Israel Students Taunted



(language warning)

15. BDS Bullies at NUI Galway

This guy tried to get this taken down from YouTube because it violated his privacy! We won that fight, and it remains on YouTube.

(language warning)

14. Yoga Pants Protest

When all else is failing in your life, protest against a guy who criticized yoga pants.

13. 2nd Anniversary of George Zimmerman Acquittal

Well-deserved Kudos from Don West for Andrew Branca.

12. UT-Austin Anti-Israel Protesters Disrupt Event

Bullies. But it didn’t work.

11. Anti-Israel Protester Shouts Fake Gandhi Quote

What deranged anti-Israel protest is complete without a fake Gandhi quote?

10. UCLA Student Melts Down After Divestment Defeat

Epic, but she eventually saw the light and realized the error of her anti-Israel ways.

9. Rush Limbaugh reads “We Just Witnessed The Media’s Test Run

I said I wouldn’t pick any videos of me talking about myself. This is not ME talking about me.

8. National Empty Chair Day — Special Report with Bret Baier 9-3-2012

We started it.

7. Elizabeth Warren – I was the first nursing mother to take a Bar

And this is who Dems want to run the world? For pure comedy gold, this made the list.

6. Heartbreak of Terrorism – A Mother’s Memory

Heartbreaking. At every level.

5. Unaccountable – Elizabeth Warren and the Cherokee

We crammed the Case Against Elizabeth Warren into one video.

4. WWII Vet – Removing Barricades “Blew My Mind … It Was Great”

The Greatest Generation, indeed.

3. Elizabeth Warren runs when asked about being Woman of Color

I love this video. Thanks Anne Sorock for being you.

2. Activists manipulate third-graders into hating Israel

It took a year of litigation, but we got it. Sickos manipulating little kids.

1. Veteran Stands Up For 2nd Amendment At Chicago Anti-Gun Forum

A must watch. Reminds me of that Norman Rockwell painting.