Moscow will start school year with hybrid model

5438a7ca7eb64 imageIf Moscow Schools can pack 5-days worth of schooling into two days, why not just make school two days long? 

And what of all those classes that are not taught? Band, orchestra, PE, electives? 

The Moscow School Board voted unanimously Tuesday night to begin the school year with a hybrid instructional model, which includes two days of in-school instruction a week and three days of distance learning.

The board also voted to “soft open” on its original Sept. 3 start date, but delayed the beginning of formal instruction in the new hybrid model until Sept. 14.

“COVID-19 has basically brought us to a situation where there’s no perfect answer — what we were looking at is what is the best of the unfavorite options that we had,” Moscow Superintendent Greg Bailey told the board.

Bailey said teachers and administrators investigated other hybrid approaches, but ultimately settled on an “AABB” instructional schedule. He said the AABB model describes a system of two groups of students, labeled A and B, that would attend class in person on alternating days. A students will attend in-person classes Monday and Tuesday, and B students will be in school facilities Thursday and Friday. All students would spend the remaining days of the week receiving instruction through distance strategies.

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