Moscow Group Attempts To Recall School District Trustee

A group of residents upset with the Moscow School District not renewing the contract of wrestling coach Shane Needham are attempting to recall Dawn Fazio, who serves as the chair of MSD’s Board of Trustees.

According to an unsigned petition given to the Daily News, the petitioners are seeking a recall because Fazio and the board made decisions without seeking public comment; Fazio evaded and refused to answer questions about the decision not to renew Needham’s contract; and because Fazio has served 22 years on the board without being held accountable through an election.

After completing his first year as Moscow High School’s wrestling coach, Needham was informed on April 1 he would not be retained for a second year. The news upset some and led to a reinstatement petition and a raucous standoff with the school board during an April 27 meeting.

“After overwhelming support for the reinforcement of Coach Needham at the April 27 board meeting, Fazio read a statement that said the decision was made already and would not be reconsidered,” according to the petition.

“This statement was prepared before allowing the public to speak at this board meeting,” the petition continued. “Players, coaches and community still produced over one hour of testimony in direct opposition to the facts in the administration’s review of Coach Needham.”

The document also alleges Fazio evaded and refused to answer questions about when the prepared statement was drafted.

“When the public demanded answers, she threatened to call the police for their removal,” the petition states. “Fazio has disregarded public opinion and held public comments in contempt. To maintain interest of our children and our schools, we have the responsibility to recall Dawn. She does not represent interests of Zone #4.”

Via the Moscow-Pullman Daily News