More record lows in British Columbia

More counterexamples to the current talking points. One record goes back to 1922.

Weather summary for British Columbia issued by Environment Canada at 12:43 p.m. MST Thursday 15 December 2016.

A very cold arctic air mass has settled in over areas of coastal
British Columbia.

Here is a summary of new daily record low temperatures in degrees celsius.

Pitt Meadows: -11.8 (10.8F)
Old record of -11.1 (12F) set in 1922. Records began in 1900

Squamish: -12.1 (10.2F)
Old record of -8.3 (17.1F) set in 1964, Records began in 1960

Whistler: -18.0 (-0.4F)
Old record of -17.2 (1.0F) set in 1971,  Records began in 1950

Campbell River: -13.3 (8.1F)
Old record of -7.9 (17.8F) set in 2000, Records began in 1958

Bella Bella: -13.3 (8.1F)
Old record of -9.7 (14.5F) set in 2008, Records began in 1977