Millennials, Religion, and Politics in the United States

  • The millennial generation (born between 1981 and 1996) is the most racially and ethnically diverse in US history and will soon comprise the largest segment of the US population.
  • Religious disaffiliation and unaffiliation are occurring across adult generations, especially among millennials and even among those who were raised in a religion. Millennials tend to place more value on individual expression than on belonging to an institution or organization.
  • Millennials are the most educated of any US adult generation, and they are highly in debt. Yet, more millennial households live in poverty than previous generations. This is because millennial households are more likely to be headed by minorities, underscoring systemic inequality issues.
  • The majority of millennials identify with the Democratic Party and its positions, but they are deeply divided about abortion and restrictive immigration policies. How millennials will express these views in the next decade will determine the policy direction of the country.

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