Millennial Women Don’t Care That Hillary Clinton Is a Woman.

According to Asche Schow with the Washington Examiner, Hillary doesn’t wow millennial women for a variety of reasons, including being stuck in the past:

Clinton appears to be fighting the battles of her generation of women, not today’s. She still tells stories of past sexism (or questionable accounts of current sexism) that just don’t appeal to many young women today. We get it, women had it tough in the past, but today we’re making progress (without government interference) and don’t have to keep whining about the bad old days of “Mad Men”-style offices….

It made it difficult for Clinton to constantly play the “woman card,” because it didn’t need to be said and the prospect of the first woman president doesn’t seem like something necessary to advance women in America….

Clinton just isn’t that inspirational, even if she does check one box for presidential diversity, and millennials — outside of the most stalwart outrage feminists — see that. She’s going to have to do a lot more than constantly remind people she’s a woman to win the rest of the millennials over.

Reflecting the sentiments of Martin Luther King, Jr., our candidates should be judged based on the content of their character, not on their gender.