Majority of Hillary Voters Say They’ll Vote Republican Down Ballot

This will be good news for those who want the Republican Party to succeed in spite of Donald Trump. From USA Today

In a nationwide USA TODAY/Suffolk University Poll, a third of Clinton’s supporters, 32%, say they are “very likely” to split their votes, and another 20% say they are “somewhat” likely. Twenty percent say they are “not very likely” to split the ticket, and 23% say they’ll vote for Democratic candidates up and down the ballot.

In contrast, a majority of Donald Trump supporters say they probably or definitely will vote only for Republicans. A third, 33%, say they plan to vote a straight GOP ticket up and down the ballot, and another 20% say they are “not very likely” to vote for Democratic candidates for other offices.

The survey of likely voters, including 483 Clinton supporters and 409 Trump voters, has margins of error of +/-4.5 percentage points and 4.9 points for the partisan subsamples.